Screen Room Builders in San Antonio, TX

Everybody knows the weather in San Antonio is great! People flock to Texas for the amazing year-round temperatures and our beautiful hill country. But let’s be honest  — these temperatures come with a price: pesky bugs and mosquitoes. Not good! That’s why Elevated Outdoor Design is also Central Texas's preferred screen room builder. It’s time to start enjoying that back yard without bugs whizzing by your head constantly! Enjoy the sunset without the terrors of knowing that “the bugs are coming out soon.” A screened room transforms an ordinary patio into an inviting, shaded retreat.

Our screen rooms are custom-designed and manufactured to meet each customer’s unique specifications and needs. Our team of experienced craftsmen will help you choose a size, style and type of screen room that best meets the goal of your designated space.

Screen Your Existing Patio or Porch

Already have a patio or porch you enjoy? Elevated Outdoor Design will enhance your existing space with a screen enclosure so that you can get the most out of it 365 days a year! Screen in your porch, patio or deck so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors again.

Whether you’re looking to add a brand new patio enclosure to your home or want to enclose an existing patio, the qualified screen room builders at Elevated Outdoor Design can handle your project. We’ve been custom-manufacturing and custom-building patio enclosures for homeowners like you for over 15 years.

Our Screen Rooms Feature:

  • Exceptionally large window openings that give maximum visibility and full ventilation
  • Solid thermal roofs that deflect heat from the sun
  • Vinyl sashes that block wind, rain, and harmful UV rays
  • Extruded aluminum components that provide superior durability
  • If aluminum is not your cup of tea you can also try one our wood constructed enclosures

Contact us for $0 money down and free 3D design with every purchase. We’ll take care of all permits and HOA requests. Call us today at (210) 906-7183!